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Make your video pictures available to broadcasters at the click of a mouse

How Blastmedia can help you use your video footage for news communication purposes:

Who is it for?

Corporate communication departments, Media relation professionals, PR, NGOs, Institutions... Feature coverage can be extremely good publicity for your company and having good video news content is essential to catch journalist's attention. Having it available instantly is vital, or news will go on, and an opportunity will be missed.

What is in it for me?

Blastmedia has put together a video service to help you turn your news and messages around, and shape them in such a way that the journalist gets what he or she needs. The resulting coverage is great publicity for your organisation. The portal provides downloadable broadcast-quality video files, continually updated. It is a simple concept to provide broadcasters with professional video footage of your events, news, press conferences, stories... The services includes a online media newsroom where journalists can select, preview video footage, view a description of the video context and content and then download what they need to make their story.

Pictures are available in both broadcast quality and webcast (or streaming) quality video to cover every online demand: Broadcast standard video is professional quality and gives the media something they can edit, voice over, and mix and match with other content they may already have. Webcast quality video (or streaming), is video that can be used for online media & Blogs. Multimedia content such as shot list and press release are available for download too.Useful links to additional media information or to your website are also available.

Reporting of reach and distribution. We provide detailed reports on your content reach and distribution results.

Video archives. We provide archives service for your video content ensuring your video archives are available to the media anytime, worldwide. Regular registered media and newsrooms using Blastmedia consult the archive newsroom.

Create a personalized newsroom as part of your own website. Powered by Blastmedia, we can also manage your organization's own newsroom so that it is seamlessly integrated into your organization's website. This personalized newsroom is designed to fit visually with your "look and feel" identity. The video selection tools & preview, and video delivery to the media method remain the same. Video footage can be downloaded directly with the same efficiency