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Find a source of broadcast-quality video footage available online

Who is it for?

Television journalists, Web media newsroom, Independent producer, News maker... No crew, tight deadline, under pressure...? You need useful illustration shots to incorporate into a feature now? Blastmedia makes available newsworthy broadcast-quality video material online.

What is in it for me?

Interviews and b-roll are instantly available here for professional media. The service includes video preview of available footage, background information, shot lists and the option to download professionally shot content:

  • * Video preview of all available footage
  • * Background information & shot list. All stories and interviews available are listed and annotated with reliable information, including relevant press releases, names and context.
  • * Distribution of professional video content online. The platform provides an easy and effective way to download broadcast quality b-roll for your story
  • * Content. We provide broadcast & webcast files produced and edited by media professionals : b-roll, video packages, video news releases, interviews with key executives, press conferences...

What does all this cost & what about copyright?

All our services for journalists are free of charge. Every media is free for use in editorial broadcast, webcast, print, online & radio reports, unless clearly indicated.

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