Frequently asked questions

How do I register on ?

On the home page, there's a 'Not yet registered?' button. Click on the button and it'll take you through to our registration page; fill in your details on this page and we'll send you an e-mail to confirm that you've registered.

My name or e-mail address was rejected during registration

Check that you haven't already registered with the same e-mail address or username

Still can't register? Contact us here

I haven't had my confirmation e-mail

Check that the e-mail isn't in your spam or junk folder. Some e-mails are automatically blocked by your internet service provider (ISP), so add us to your friends or safe network list.

Check that it hasn't been deleted

Check that you're logging in from the e-mail address you registered with

If you're still having trouble please click here and we'll try and sort it

I get an error using the confirmation e-mail.

Try copying and pasting the full link that was in your confirmation e-mail into your browser.

If you're still having trouble please click here

I forgot my password

You can reset your password by clicking here

I haven't had the e-mail to reset my password

First take a look in your spam or junk folder and see if it's hiding there. Some e-mails are blocked by your Internet Service Provider; you can get around this by adding us to your friends or safe networking list.

Still can't find it? Click here

I don't have access to my log in e-mail address or I can't log in

Don't create another user account, click here and we'll fix it for you

How do I change my personal details?

Log in and go to 'My Profile' - you can make your changes there.

Does the blastmedia website share my user information with anyone? Who can see information about me?

The blastmedia website doesn't share your information with anybody.

Which web browers does the blastmedia website support?

We support the following browsers

Firefox V2.0 and above

Internet Explorer V7 and above

Safari 3.1 and above

The blastmedia website doesn't display properly

The problem may be caused by your web browser. We only support the web browsers listed above.

Follow the instructions below to clear your browser's cache:

Internet Explorer 7.0 and above

On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click "Delete Browsing History".

In the Temporary Internet Files section, click on "Delete Files" and select "Yes".

In the Cookies section click on "Delete Cookies" and select "Yes".

Click "Close" and restart the browser.

Safari 3.1 and above

Open Safari.

Select Empty Cache.

Click Empty on the 'Are you sure' message box.

Exit and re-launch the browser.

To delete your cookies, select preferences, then click on: security tab->show cookies->remove all

Firefox 2.0 for PCs and above

Click Tools and select Options on the Firefox menu bar.

Click the Privacy icon on the Option menu bar to open the Privacy Properties.

In the Cookies section, click "Show Cookies" and then "Remove All Cookies".

In the Private Data section, click on "Settings" and make sure the box next to "Cache" is ticked before selecting "OK".

Click on the "Clear Now" link.

Exit and re-launch the browser.

Firefox 2.0 for Macs and above

On the Firefox toolbar, click Tools and select "Clear Private Data".

Make sure that Cache and Cookies are selected.

Click on "Clear Private Data Now".

Exit and relaunch browser.

If after following the instructions above you still have a problem using the blastmedia website, the problems that you are experiencing are probably being caused by your Internet browser. We recommend that you install the most recent version of your preferred browser. If this does not work, try switching to a different supported browser (Safari or Firefox on Macs; Internet Explorer or Firefox on PCs).

I have had my account deleted

You may have breached our terms of service.

If you believe that your account has been deleted in error please contact us here.

I need to ask you about something not listed here Click here to contact us