About Blastmedia.news is...

... a service for journalists and media to get free broadcast video content:

Blastmedia.news is an online media source for free video content.

Our aim is to provide a useful service for journalists. The video content hosted on the platform is free, broadcast quality, relevant, credible and visually interesting. By having access to all available video content 24/7, the media can find unique angle and picture to illustrate their stories.

Useful & interesting journalistic content:

We offer tools to help journalists to research features and news, and take control of the pictures and information the private sector, Institutions and NGOs have to share.

Modern media relations require on demand access to quality pictures and information about events and news stories. That's what Blastmedia.news provides in its platform.

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... a solution for video content providers to make broadcast video available online:

Blastmedia.news helps your organisation target your stories or events to the broadcast media, online.

Our aim is to turn your news around and get your messages out. We package and distribute newsworthy video content from clients to newsrooms and journalists in the field. By making news video content available 24/7, you can reach a large potential of newsrooms in Europe.

Increase your media coverage:

Having good video news content is essential to catch journalist's attention. Having it available instantly is vital, or news will go on, and an opportunity will be missed.

Blastmedia.news helps your organisation provide a complete audiovisual online service to journalists, anytime and without any big investment in new technology.

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